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Your "Why" is not a goal

Your "Why" is not a goal

We have been trained to think that our “why” is a goal. So we start to say that we do what we do because we are trying to get to "financial stability”. “put kids through college” “pay off the mortgage”, ”retire and travel the world”.
That of course means that you are waiting to get to that point in your life and then you can feel fulfilled. What happens if you don’t get there? What happens if you get there and you don’t feel fulfilled? What happens if you get there and you don’t get the “appreciation” that you expected.
Your “why” or purpose is not a destination it is an action. A reason, not an outcome.
Until you stop doing things for an outcome, you won’t realise what your true “why” is.

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Jack Josephsen

Jack (ResinJack) Josephsen has spent over 20 years in the resin flooring industry. He has a proven track record of industry change and improvements

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