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product support


I provide product support to installers, manufacturers and specifiers.

Installers come to me for support when regarding product understanding, troubleshooting or product selection. Engagement with installers is typically done through the Resin Flooring Group (RFG) membership program. Installers may also engage with me through Real World Epoxies for supply of resin flooring products and systems.

Manufacturers come  to me to for product/system development, evaluating new technologies or partnering.  Engagement with manufacturers is typically on a fixed price project basis with or without ongoing Resin Flooring Group (RFG) membership program. Partnering is typically done via licensing of technology. 

Specifiers (including architects, building designers, builders and shopfitters) come to me to help understand and select products that can meet the design concepts. Engagement with specifiers is typically on a fixed price project basis and if ongoing support is required for the duration of the project, then that would be provided through the Resin Flooring Group (RFG) membership program.  

If you would like to get started, then fill out the Quick Contact form and I will promptly come back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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