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Possible other causes of pinholes

Possible other causes of pinholes

After doing a resin flooring project that should have had pinhole issues and didn't, I started to question why. Perhaps we've dismissed the most important parameter?

We are used to the theory of applying coatings on the cooling cycle of concrete, with the idea being that the air is cooling and therefore shrinking back into the voids and drawing in the resin.

I thought I'd discuss the various points noted on this job so that we could include some industry experts into the conversation for comment. I raise one particular climatic parameter that we never seem to discuss as a possible contributor.
Hopefully we can gain some good input and better understand one of the most painful problems in resin flooring.

Jack Josephsen

Jack (ResinJack) Josephsen has spent over 20 years in the resin flooring industry. He has a proven track record of industry change and improvements

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