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Resin flooring 4 tool prep challenge

Resin flooring 4 tool prep challenge

I had a great opportunity to do side-by-side tests of four different prep tools - shot blasting, grinding, the Diamabrush Concrete Prep Tool, and the Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus Tool. 

It's rare to be able to do tests of the same size and on the same slab so you that you get an accurate idea of how the tools compare. 

The following video was about capturing the set up and having a general discussion on shot blasting as I feel this is an area that does not get enough exposure (especially in Australia):

The review below discusses the different tools and what I saw during the challenge:

The "final word" video here includes a pan across each section so you can clearly see the points raised and how each tool prepared the substrate.

My conclusion from the prep tool challenge:

Each tool has advantages and disadvantages as we all understand. The key was to see how they behaved with respect to each other on the same slab and over the same area.

Note: This really should have been a 5-tool challenge as there is one more tool that really did outshine the others and in fact prompted me to question how we prep concrete specifically for thin-film rollcoats.

Jack Josephsen

Jack (ResinJack) Josephsen has spent over 20 years in the resin flooring industry. He has a proven track record of industry change and improvements

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